American Barnstorming Tour 2008

Sky and I flew up to Ames, Iowa for the start of the 2008 American Barnstorming Tour in June. The Tour had 16 airplanes of which 5 gave rides to the adoring crowds.

We flew over the worst flooding since 1993.

Every morning a pilot briefing was held by Clay Adams with weather report from Dave Allen.
Clay loading up guys to ride in his Travel Air.
Clay talks with Ted Davis in Jefferson City, MO.
Frank Flanagan and Clay.
Dave Allen
Dave and Jeanne Allen
Glen Cruz, Eaglerock Pilot.
Glen pulls his engine thru before starting.
Ted Davis and the New Standard.
Hank Galpin.
Richard Hornbeck.
Gary Lust.
Tom Lowe
Alan Lopez
Stuart MacPherson
Stu gave Sky and I a ride in his Travel Air.
Roni MacPherson loads passengers.
Bruce McElhoe.
David Mars.
Morgie is all smiles.
Chris Price puts on his headset as Travis loads up some more passengers.
Chris tops the New Standard off.
Ron Price.
Eric Presten.
Ron Rex.
Frank Russo.
Steve Roth.
Ray Sanders.
John Thomason.
Flying in a biplane-you just can't beat it!