Fixing the Fairchild

This page is dedicated to my friend Glenn Peck, who does all the maintenance on N690FA.

His website my be seen at

(Look at the 1929 Zenith Z6a we're about to fly!)

Hand me a 7/16's, will ya?


Don taking the cylinders off for a top overhaul. Glenn working on a door mechanism. With the fabric peeled away, Glenn examines the broken tailwheel part. I was pretty nervous at this part.

He wasn't.




Glenn welds a new yoke attach fitting for the tailwheel.


The broken fitting, top center. So one day I decided to paint...


Fairchild 24

Fairchild 24R's


Fairchild 24W's

My F24R46 Fixing My F-24 Lincoln Electric
Movies and Sound  

2004 Reunion


Places We've Been

1970's Oshkosh

Oshkosh 2001

Oshkosh 2002

Oshkosh 2003

Oshkosh 2004

Oshkosh 2006

Oshkosh 2007-The Dh-4 Saga.

Antique Airplane Fly-In @ Blakesburg 2007

Thunder Over Michigan 2006


Creve Coeur Airport

Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum


2005 American Waco Club Fly-In


Tailwheels in the Grass

The Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum's DeHavilland Dh-4!


Zenith Z6a



Aviation Nation Airshow in Las Vegas

Monterey, CA



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