Oshkosh 2003

A Flock of Fairchilds.


Don and Skyler with the '46 F24R


Glenn and Josh with the '33 F24-C8

Hero's of the Convention: Scott and Joe from Lincoln Electric.

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Skyler and I over Illinois on the way up.

The Fairchild headed north.

We arrived in Dixon before sunset.

Glenn flew the '33 F24-C8.


The F-24 drew a few spectators   Glenn working on the carb heat box.



Fairchild 24

Fairchild 24R's


Fairchild 24W's

My F24R46 Fixing My F-24 Lincoln Electric
Movies and Sound  

2004 Reunion


Places We've Been

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Oshkosh 2001

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Oshkosh 2003

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Antique Airplane Fly-In @ Blakesburg 2007

Thunder Over Michigan 2006


Creve Coeur Airport

Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum


2005 American Waco Club Fly-In


Tailwheels in the Grass

The Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum's DeHavilland Dh-4!


Zenith Z6a



Aviation Nation Airshow in Las Vegas

Monterey, CA



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