Fairchild 24 History

Here is the production history of the Fairchild 24 from a 1968 aviation periodical.

(Take it for what it's worth.)

Year        Model        Remarks                                                                                                                                               

1932        F-24 C8        95-hp American Cirrus. Gross Wt. 1600 lbs, Cruise 90 mph. Cost $3,360

1933        F-24 C8A    125-hp Warner Scarab. Gross Wt. 1800 lbs, Cruise 95 mph, Cost $3,850. Number built: 25 (includes C8.)

1933        F-24 C8B    125-hp Menasco. Gross Wt. 1800 lbs. Cost $3,990. Number built: 2.

1934        F-24 C8C    145-hp Warner Super Scarab. Gross Weight 2400 lbs. Cost $5,000. Number built: 125

1935        F-24 C8D    145-hp Ranger. Number built: 10

1936        F-24 C8E    145-hp Warner Super Scarab. New Cantilever Tail. Cost$5,390. Number built: 50.

1936        F-24 C8F     45-hp Ranger. Cost $5,390. Number built: 40.

1937        F-24 G        145-hp Warner Super Scarab. Cost $5,290. Number built: 100.

1937        F-24 H        150-hp Ranger. Cost $5,590. Number built: 25.

1938        F-24 J         145-hp Warner Super Scarab. Increased Size.Gross Wt. 2550 lbs. Cruise 115 mph. Number built: 10.

1939        F-24 K        145-hp Ranger. Increased size. Cruise 125 mph. Cost $6,500. Number built: 60.

1939        F-24R9       165-hp Ranger. Number built: 35.

1939        F-24W9      145-hp Warner Super Scarab. Number built: 30.

1940        F-24R40     175-hp Ranger. Cost $7,230. Number built: 25.

1940        F-24W40    145-hp Warner Super Scarab. Cost $6,290. Number built: 75.

1941        F-24W41    165-hp Warner Super Scarab. Number built 30 + 640 as military UC-61.

1942-43   UC-61A      165-hp Warner Super Scarab. Number built: 364

1944        UC-61K     200-hp Ranger. Basically a R40. Gross Wt. 2,562 lbs. Number built: 306.

981 Fairchild 24's saw military service during WWII, 456 with the AAF.

They were supplemented by 11 1937-40 F-24's. 9 Civilian became UC-86's at the same time.

1946        F-24R46   175-hp Ranger. Gross Wt. 2,562 lbs. Cruise 118 mph. Price $8,875. Number built: 280 (includes W46.)

1946        F-24W46   165-hp Warner Super Scarab. Cost $8,500.


The last "new" Fairchild 24 was assembled in 1948

from a large inventory of leftover parts in Winfield, KS.

Years built;    15        Number built; 2,232


Source: Sport Flying Magazine. Challenge Publications, Canoga Park, CA. February 1968. The Fairchild's Tractable 24,Roscoe Deering.


Original colors offered by the Factory on the 1946 models;

    Maroon trimmed with buff

    Yellow trimmed with green

    Red trimmed with gray.

Source: The New Fairchild F-24, Fairchild Engine and Aircraft Corporation, Dallas, TX and New York, NY.


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